Real Change Makers are swayed not by the contempt of the unjust or the fearmongering of the bully but by the gratitude of the saved – April Brown 


If you are a busy person like I am yet you still want to stamp out an injustice and or create change, you need as many shortcuts as you can muster to get the sought after results.  There is a good chance that you will wind up devoting your life to the issue or cause. Either way you need a solid message you can cling too and others can readily grasp. When I took a stand against copyright troll abuse, I created this quick message “BEWARE DON’T SHARE” and designed a very simple logo myself.  I circulated both on Internet and found forums with a membership most likely to sympathize with my cause. Members became friends and the comments on member’s posts helped me  determine if others were as disgusted and angered by this copyright troll as I was. These friendlies became supporters and led me to others who collaborated with me and advised me.  Many contributed to my book Poetic Justice, The True Story Behind the Dash and One Victim’s Mission to End Copyright Extortion and Abuse. Out of the hundreds of victims I met while working on the Beware Don’t Share campaign only a handful of actual victims were willing join the battle publicly. In the end, it only took about 15 people to tip the Scales of Justice in our favor and put an end to The Dash Extortion Scheme.


If you know as little going in as I did you will need informed people to support and guide you. Study the issue and expect to respond to the unexpected. There is a good chance there will be pushback. My nemesis continues to post derogatory comments and outright lies but that is the nature of the beast. Your adversary will too. If Mother Teresa can have thousands of haters you can handle a few.  Stay grounded in the facts and then expect to be hated. The haters will leave as fast as they blow in. You will grow a thicker skin and surprise yourself with how much fun it is to be a CHANGE MAKER!!

P.S. If your opponent is unrelenting you have two choices – QUIT or GET A SPINE. A Change Maker will stay until change is made. Period.