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April Brown is a Seattle Charity Auctioneer with over 27 years specializing in fundraising auctions. She has personally conducted thousands of charity auctions. Her expert training and advise has guided hundreds more through the process of planning and executing fun and profitable charity galas. “I love being part of Seattle charity auction events. I’m fortunate to live in an amazing high energy city and work with some of the most innovative minds in fundraising. Seattle is the core of some of the most respected event planners, development officers and executive directors on the planet. Through collaboration and brain storming we’ve invented many of the profitable concepts that make Seattle charity auctions the auction model to emulate.”  

Charity Auctions Work

An admitted “auction addict”, Seattle Charity Auctioneer, April Brown delivers an exciting and high energy performance and is equally enthusiastic about training her non-profit clients.  Seattle is the center of the universe when it comes to charity auction fundraising and Brown continually seeks new ways of improving the charity auction model. She has proven that adding fresh new ideas while retaining solid auction concepts generates more money and future support for a charity. She developed auction games early in her career to engage guests at multiple levels of participation.  The earlier charity auction model shut out less monied guests from fully bidding and giving. Her methods show that every guest wants to engage and feel valued. Today nearly every auction includes a Charity Auction World concept. “Nothing thrills me more than to hear from an auction planner in another state or country who wants to know more about the One Bid Board, Lucky Squares or the Dessert Dash. I’m proud of my profession and my contribution”.

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April Brown, has a longstanding reputation as the premier fundraising auctioneer for charity auction planners. She is innovative,  highly skilled and expertly trained in the art of auctioneering. She is skilled in buying and selling psychology and continues to train and perfect chanting and selling techniques. Experience a master of ceremonies who is entertaining and adds stability and expert timing. Bidders are motivated and excited to join in the bidding process and bid higher and more often. Everyone will share in the reward of a very profitable outcome. 

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April Brown and our entire team is passionate about creating an auction event that gets results for your cause. Get in touch with us to schedule a consultation – we’ll help you raise more money than you ever dreamed possible, together.