The Easiest Game in the World

If you’ve ever put your name down on a football pool, then you’ve played a version of Lucky Squares. The game board is simple and can be designed to sell from 50 to 100 plays. Multiple Lucky Squares Games can be sold simultaneously during the evening and can even remain open during the dinner program.

Lucky Squares Game Board is Mobile

Lucky Squares by April Brown Auctioneer

Buyers purchase any number of squares at a set price. The squares essentially are raffle tickets for a set number of plays. The goal is to sell all of the squares and then choose one square for the grand prize. The same game board can be used to choose winners and give away prizes throughout the night.

Reconciling Lucky Squares Plays

The Lucky Square board is acts as a master document for recording the bid number, charging the guest and collecting money. It is important to write legibly in felt tip pin. After the board is filled it is returned to the auction clerks to record the bid numbers. After those numbers are entered the board is then returned to the stage so the auctioneer or emcee can play the game with the audience.

Auction Powerhouse Tip: The game boards can be as small as 18″x22″ to 24″x36″. If multiple Lucky Square Boards are used make each a different color and offer a different prize for each board. Plays for each board can also be different prices. The Green Lucky Squares plays might be priced ad $25 and the prize could be an IPad. A Red Lucky Squares play might be $10 and that prize might be a Kindle.

Auction Powerhouse Tip: When guests buy squares give them a sticker or button or some identifier to acknowledge they have made a purchase.

Auction Powerhouse Tip: Usually winners for the Lucky Squares Game are drawn at the end of the night. If multiple games are played winners can be selected throughout the program.

Auction Powerhouse Tip:  Consider naming the game after a sponsor and offering this recognition in the sponsorship packet.

Lucky Squares by April Brown Auctioneer