Jessica Silva January 2017 5 Star Performer

Jessica Silva – 5 Star Performer

Each month Charity Auction World recognizes an outstanding fundraising professional. We call that person a 5 Star Performer – meaning they executed a charity auction with near perfection.

Like an auctioneer, a development officer is judged by how much money their events raise and the fundraising models they use to achieve the organization’s financial goals. My expertise is the auction method and this year we are celebrating our 25th anniversary by honoring someone we’ve worked with whose proven to be a 5 Star Fundraising Performer.

Charity Auction World Honor Roll – Jessica Silva – January 2017

My favorite client is someone with an imagination and commitment to make things happen. Jessica Silva exemplifies those qualities and much more. Jessica is the Development officer at NOAH, Northwest Organization for Animal Help (The Noah Center) dedicated to saving animals slated for euthanasia via shelter transfers. The shelter is situated on 17 acres north of Seattle and it takes over 400 volunteers and a paid staff to manage the impressive operation. NOAH offers a foster program, spay neuter services, housing and adoption and the innovative shelter transfer program. All this means that Jessica is responsible for raising a lot of money through events, sponsorships, endowments and monthly giving. I met this smart woman when she hired Charity Auction World for two popular events, “LAUGH YOUR TAIL OFF” and “MUSIC FOR THE ANIMALS”. It’s no secret why both events are a huge success year after year.

Charity Auction World Honor Roll – Jessica Silva – January 2017

Silva possesses every attribute I like to work with in a development officer. She is a reliable communicator in all phases of the process. Her emails get to the point and she is always prepared for our meetings. I like to share trends and new ideas with my clients and she absorbs that information and together we finesse it until we form it to our mutual liking. She’s perceptive and a critical thinker. I don’t have to ask her to weigh our ideas against NOAH’s strengths and limitations, she knows the stats from her events which allows me to make informed suggestions. She gets that messaging is important and scores of other little notions that when woven together make for an exciting and attractive event. When you add her comfortable personality and even temperament, it’s no surprise why NOAH is a thriving lifesaving option for animal lovers throughout the state of Washington. In Celebration of 25 years we recognize Jessica Silva as a 5 Star Fundraising Performer for January 2017.