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Charity Auction World Honor Roll – Aimee Chauvot Element Agency

Aimee Chauvot is an account executive with Element Agency.  We met by way of a parent at Pacific Northern Academy in Anchorage, Alaska. PNA is a long time treasured client and Element Agency owner, David Taylor is a supporter at the school’s annual charity auction. Element Agency specializes in brand development and communications. As the Account Executive for Aleutian Pribilof Island Association, Aimee managed the organization’s rebrand project and consulted on APIA’s 6th Annual Gala.

According to author Katie Deighton, a career as an event planner is the fifth most stressful job of 2016. Why? She says it all boils down to “reconciling a client’s vision with a successful end-result”. As a charity auctioneer, I can relate. Sometimes a client’s vision is not simpatico with the resources of the organization. Our goal is to lead a client to a realistic and possible outcome by developing and implementing a workable plan. It takes team work and helps to work with another like-minded professional. So when I meet a pro who also understands the pathway to an engaging event, I’m elated. Aimee Chauvot is that person.

Charity Auction World Honor Roll – Aimee Chauvot – February 2017

Audience development for the gala is challenging because APIA’s leaders live with their respective communities off the Alaska mainland. Roundtrip flights from the string of islands are as costly as flying to cities in Europe. APIA represents 13 communities in the remote chain of the pristine and volcanic southwestern corner of the Alaska mainline called the Pribilof Islands. The Akutan, Atka, Belkofski, False Pass, King Cove, Nelson Lagoon, Nikolski, Pauloff Harbor, Sand Point, St. George, Unalaska, Unga and the Adak, Amchitka, and Attu who are not part of the APIA, benefit from APIA services. The gala adds funds for health care, employment training and family services. APIA services strengthen and preserve the culture and heritage of the islanders.

Alaskans considers the land and people a national treasure and a gala is the perfect event for APIA’s message. The Spirit of the Elders charity auction includes cultural performances, speeches and comments by respected elders. Aimee molded those many elements into an event that honored everyone while imparting the importance of preservation. She tapped into our emotions with thoughtful timing and interactive performances. Guests were entertained by authentic dances and song accompanied by ancient drums and wind instruments.  The staff procured highly coveted rare works of traditional art for the live and silent auction that stirred aggressive bidding. The experience was memorable, moving and profitable.

Complicated events need someone at the helm who can boil down all the desires into a doable plan. Aimee Chauvot is an inclusive, cooperative leader and insurance against costly mistakes. She is wise beyond her years and a professional worth watching.

Charity Auction World Honor Roll – Aimee Chauvot – February 2017